The Escaped Lyric (Radio 4 series)

5 episodes of 11 minutes each –

From teenage alienation to middle-aged loss and regret, lyrics from popular music can escape their song to become an anthem of our youth or a lifeline through loss and solitude. Nick Berkeley speaks to song writers and musicians about how the words of a three minute pop song can come to have such impact on us all. He dissects the craft of the song in a quest to understand the alchemy that converts seemingly simple words into thoughts of great impact and meaning. From Noel Coward to Kylie Minogue, seminal folk songs to outsider hip hop, there are words and phrases that the music fan can cling to, and remember, forever.

Monday 12:04 – Solitude –
Tuesday 12:04 – Family –
Wednesday 12:04 – Vulnerability –
Thursday 12:04 – Lust –
Friday 12:04 – Absence –

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