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What is a Bridge in songwriting?

I looked up on the web ‘Bridge’ in songwriting, and was disappointed at the lack of good material on this. Much of what I found described – often in vague terms – what it might be musically. There seems to

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Tunesmith: inside the art of songwriting (notes on Webb’s book)

I have long believed that singers become better interpreters of a song if they understand how that song is put together. That means studying the lyrics just as text, ideas, rhetoric, rhyme, metaphor, form, unfolding of character and narrative, message,

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Songwriting for musical theatre – advice from Jason Robert Brown

The following notes are extended quotations from the 1.5 hour YouTube video of the Jason Robert Brown Songwriting Masterclass, published on 22 Feb 2013 by the The Dramatists Guild of America. “Jason Robert Brown (born June 20, 1970) is an American musical

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Understanding song structures

Whether you are a singer, a lyricist, songwriter or melody writer, it is valuable to understand how songs are put together. Here is a glossary of some of the main elements found in songs, whether they are pop, rock, music

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Stephen Sondheim on Songwriting (1)

If we want to understand something about songs, how they are written, and therefore how we should sing and perform them, who can we learn from? The musical dramatist Stephen Sondheim is superb craftsman as a lyricist, composer, songwriter, musical

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