1-to-1 Lessons & Mentoring

Songwriting is a huge topic, and has many elements. You may want to work on:

  • generating and developing musical ideas
  • experimenting with different musical styles
  • lyric writing
  • working with different song structures
  • arranging and writing for different combinations of instruments or voices
  • learning how to write for the voice (lyrics or music)
  • understanding the recording environment
  • creating strong song titles, and a clear single focus (lyrically or musically) for a song
  • different ways to notate your piece (conventional music notation, chord charts, lead sheets, schematics)
  • developing compositional skills with harmony, melody, rhythm, instrumentation, incorporating sounds, word setting

To get an overview of songwriting, and the work we can do together, take a look at my teaching model of the Songwriting Pentagon, and the Oxford Songwriting Syllabus.

There’s more than one way to learn songwriting, and we can start from where you are.

  • You can receive songwriting exercises to help you learn specific skills in lyric writing, composing, and combining the two.
  • You can learn through receiving feedback and guidance on song material (music or lyrics) that you bring to sessions.
  • You will be guided to some of the best books and resources on songwriting.
  • You will learn from the many great masters of songwriting, by studying and analysing their music and lyrics.

While we can be very flexible in how we work, it is important that we find if we are going to be a good teacher-student match. To do this, before you contact me, please could you read the page ‘Are You Ready?‘.

And if you think we could be a good match, then get in touch!