Melody 01: Melody writing made simple(r)

whistling_smiley7:15-9:30pm, Wednesday 26 October 2016

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In these sessions, we’re rotating a number of core topics on songwriting. This is our first on writing melody. We’ll look at:

  • the musical properties and potential of different scales, intervals and melodic shapes
  • structural and non-structural notes in a melody
  • managing rhythm and phrase lengths
  • tips on vocal range, hooks, riffs, and use of silence in melody writing

As always, it’s an opportunity for:

  • learning some (non-scary) theory & technique
  • doing songwriting exercises
  • learning from analyzing successful songs
  • getting reading lists & detailed handouts
  • meeting other songwriters & potential writing partners

Cost: £12

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Our previous meetings covered:

  1. The Songwriting Pentagon and Oxford Songwriting Syllabus, and
  2. Finding a Big Idea to focus your song – working on Big Ideas and Titles.

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