Oxford Songwriters Meetup

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NB Next Meetup for Oxford Songwriters is Wednesday 24 August 2016, 7.30-9.30pm

  • Do you want to develop your songwriting skills – as a lyricist, writer of music, or both?
  • Are you interested in meeting like-minded songwriting enthusiasts?
  • Do you want a mix of short presentations on different songwriting skills, in-depth analysis of well-known songs, hearing each others’ song and lyrics, constructive critique and ‘masterclassing’ of meetup members’ songs, songwriting exercises to do individually and in pairs or small groups, socialising and networking with other songwriters?
  • Do you want an environment of mutual trust and respect where you can safely be a ‘naked songwriter’ and openly share your songs and ideas and receive constructive feedback about them – from listeners, other songwriters and a songwriting mentor?
  • Do you ever struggle with writer’s block?
  • Are you looking to meet potential songwriting collaborators and partners?

I formed this group in June 2016,  as an experiment to find out what will work for people who want to move their songwriting forwards. You can find out more about my own work by browsing this site, as well as looking at

I haven’t fixed on an exact format for the meetings, as I think it’s better if the group evolves organically to a certain extent. At the same time, there are some ‘starter’ principles for this group, based on how I tend to approach things:


Commitment to shaping every aspect of a song to the highest possible quality, which often means many re-writes, and developing a song over sometimes a very long time


Saying something ‘true’ in a song (emotionally, psychologically) – not writing in platitudes, generalisations – finding our own voice (musically and lyrically)

Continual learning

Commitment to constant development of our skills and knowledge, learning from and with others, and learning from our own setbacks (and successes!)

Purpose beyond fame or profit

Writing because it is meaningful for us to do so, whether or not our songs become commercially successful or popular

Respect for listeners

We don’t have to agree with what listeners say about our music or lyrics, and we don’t have to please those who hear our songs (taste is personal, after all), but, pragmatically, we have to look closely at our songs if people don’t want to listen to them a second time. Songwriting is also about communicating, and making a connection with listeners!

Compassion and respect

Towards ourselves, towards others in the group, and towards other songwriters, regardless of their actual ability (and regardless of how they behave towards us)

There is a small charge for the facilitated meetings to cover Meetup, venue, admin and facilitator costs

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