Songwriting Groups

This website offers ideas for running your own do-it-yourself songwriting group. I sometimes run workshops or short courses on songwriting, and can also visit your group (.e.g a Songwriting Meetup) to do some teaching or song critique. Please get in touch, if you would like me to offer something for your group.

Songwriting groups can be a great way to develop songwriting skills as a lyricist and/or writer of music. Songwriters can:

  • network with other songwriters and musicians
  • swap experiences and ideas
  • learn from and with each other
  • support each other
  • find co-writers and learn how to collaborate successfully with co-writers

Songwriting groups offer an enjoyable, efficient and cost-effective way to learn. Activities can include:

  • analysing how and why great songs work
  • studying conceptual models for songwriting
  • practising specific songwriting techniques, doing songwriting exercises individually, in pairs and small groups
  • learning from experienced songwriters and teachers
  • enhancing skills in assessing song material (one’s own and other people’s)
  • giving feedback on other songwriters’ material
  • receiving assessments and feedback on one’s own song material and work in progress
  • briefings on the music business (contracts, intellectual property, finance, recording and demos, song plugging etc)
Next steps

To find out more about how to work successfully in songwriting groups, and even run a do-it-yourself group, click here or on Songwriting groups on the right hand bar of this webpage. Blog posts on this website offer a possible songwriting group meeting format, some ideas for how to establish and maintain group etiquette, ground rules and ethos, and a six step process for a group to run its own Song Assessment & Feedback Exercise (SAFE).

If you would like me (Alexander Massey) to give a talk, run a workshop, or a short songwriting course, get in touch through the contact page. I’d be very happy to see how I can help.