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Melody 01: Melody writing made simple(r)

7:15-9:30pm, Wednesday 26 October 2016 Sign up here. In these sessions, we’re rotating a number of core topics on songwriting. This is our first on writing melody. We’ll look at: the musical properties and potential of different scales, intervals and

The Beatles – a musical appreciation and analysis

Over a period of only a few years, the Beatles revolutionised the world of pop music with their innovation in harmonic, melody, song structure, lyric writing, instrumentation / arranging, and recording techniques. Not only that, they revitalised the musical landscape

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Sondheim on songwriting (2)

I have introduced Stephen Sondheim in my blog article ‘Stephen Sondheim on Songwriting (1)‘. This piece is a set of notes that I made on the book: Mark Eden Horowitz (2010) Sondheim on Music: Minor Details and Major Decisions (2nd edition), Scarecrow Press.

Thirteen tips for songwriters (a lucky number)

One of the most important ways that any songwriter learns to write songs is by writing songsI. That may be stating the obvious, but it’s surprising how often I’ve met a songwriter (or aspiring songwriter) where the conversation goes something like

Understanding song structures

Whether you are a singer, a lyricist, songwriter or melody writer, it is valuable to understand how songs are put together. Here is a glossary of some of the main elements found in songs, whether they are pop, rock, music

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