Songwriting in Oxford

Alexander Masseywith Alexander Massey

– Songwriter & Teacher of Songwriting
– Writer on Songwriting, Voice,┬áCommunication & Learning
– Singing Teacher
– Professional Singer

Do you want to:

  • improve as a lyricist?
  • improve as a composer / creator of music?
  • write songs professionally and make money from them?
  • have an experienced eye and ear giving you feedback on your music, lyrics and songs you are writing?
  • know more about where songs come from, overcome writer’s block, and develop successful working methods as a songwriter?
  • learn one-to-one, or in a group (including the Oxford Songwriters Meetup)?

Offering songwriting lessons to:

  • lyricists
  • music writers and composers
  • songwriters (words and music)
  • singer-songwriters (whatever your instrument)
  • amateurs and professionals
  • music students

Explore the free resources on this website:


The contact page is here, but before you get in touch … It’s probably a good idea to read about what I offer, and look at some of the free resources to get a feel for whether you think I’m the right teacher for you. If are thinking about songwriting coaching, and broadly fit the criteria for students,┬áthen please get in touch through the contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you!